Persistence FINALLY Pays!

If you still persist in your intention of meeting me in opposition to the wishes of your own friends & of mine – it must be even so – I regret it & acquiesce with reluctance…

It was on a chilly November day that persistence finally paid off for the Polite Tourist as she made her way through the throngs of people milling about on Piccadilly and to the relative calm of St James’ Street before finally arriving to meet the man himself at Bennet Street in London’s SW1 from whence the above missive was penned some 203 years ago.

Fortunately for me, this plea was for the attention of his former paramour the Lady Caroline Lamb who was doing all that she unreasonably could in her efforts to woo him back with grand theatrical gestures that included stalking and intimidation until she finally resorted to blackmail…

… your words & actions have lately been tolerably portentous – & might justify me in avoiding the demanded interview – more especially as I believe you fully capable of performing all your menaces – but as I once hazarded every thing for you – I will not shrink from you

I once wished for your sake Ly. M to be present – but if you are to fulfil any of your threats in word or deed – we had better be alone…

April 29 1813

Unfortunately for me, I found that I was unable to ‘be alone’ with this portrait blazoned across the scaffolding in Bennet Street for very long until several construction workers came pouring out of the office to see what the fuss is all about!

However, given that several of my fellow Byronians have made the same pilgrimage to this small street to pay homage to the great man himself with the assorted images duly posted on my Lord Byron Appreciation Group on Facebook – these workers will surely have seen it all of this before!


Sources Used:

Alas! The Love of Women (Byron’s Letters and Journals Volume 3) Ed: Leslie A. Marchand (London: John Murray 1974)

"For I Was Rather Famous in My Time..." ~ Lord Byron

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